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Let's try MPLab!!!

MPLab to Program the PSLabMPLab© X IDE Microchip® is a famous company for PIC® microcontroller manufacturing. This American based company produces a variety of electronic components ranging from basic microcontrollers, EEPROMs, SRAMs, RF devices and many more. In the PSLab device by FossAsia, we use a PIC24EP256GP204 who's data sheet can be found from here. Apart from the high performing micro controllers, Microchip provides a powerful IDE to program these devices. This IDE is based on NetBeans IDE. The programming language is consists of C++ syntaxes and we can embed assembly commands like 'nop' to simplify the code. Documentation and guidelines on how to use this great IDE is available on their official web site. Here we're going to see how to install this in an Ubuntu 16.04 64bit PC. Installing MPLab© X IDEStep ITo install this software, first we have to download the tar ball containing the installer. The latest version can be found from their official site. Scroll t…

Daily Scrums - GSOC '17

2017 - May - 27What did I do yesterday? I've submitted my third blog draft for reviews and received an amazing review by Jithin! I was going through forum posts about the error I'm getting "Defined already" in C header files Read a few blog drafts submitted in the excel sheet and the approved and published ones in do I plan to do today? I am going to try DiscreteSeekBar and Slidr libraries to select which one has better performance and easy to use features in order to use it on the wave generator UI I want to find a way to fix the already defined header files error in MPLab X What is currently preventing you from achieving your goals? Everything is fine! 2017 - May - 26What did I do yesterday? I was trying to make other c files and header files visible in the project tree but when they are visible, there is an 'variables already defined' erro…