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Setting up environment for MSDProject
For this we need the following software and tools
JDK 1.8Eclipse Neon or OxygenApache TomcatMYSQLSpring LibrariesApache Commons Libraries
Download and Install the latest JDK []Setup path variables for JAVA_HOME and make sure JAVA is configured properly []Download Eclipse Installer from []Once the installer is open, select "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers"Download and Extract TOMCAT for windows []Setup path variables for TOMCATDownload Spring jar files []Download apache commons logging jar []Create a Github account []Dow…

Installing TOMCAT

Apache Tomcat Web Server
How to Install and Configure?
I had to use Java Spring framework for one of my projects and I needed to install Apache Tomcat Server to run the code I write. I've followed many tutorials but they were all stuck in the middle. Then I thought of writing a tutorial here to help installing it to anyone who needs the great Apache!