How to make a Blog!!!

Blogging is Art. You'll get what I'm saying once you root yourself into blogging. Blogging enables you to post almost anything you want to share with the world. You can write a novel, your own short story or your autobiography. It could be anything as long as you want to share it.

How to blog?

First you need to have the need to create a blog. Start simple. There are free blogging sites all over the internet and here I've listed a few for you to try. And in this blog, I'm focusing on Blogger by Google. It's simple and easy to use. I mean all of them. The main purpose is to have something that belongs to you in the Internet.

1. Blogger
2. Penzu
3. Square Space
4. Svbtle
5. Tumblr
6. Webs
7. Weebly
8. Wix
9. WordPress
10. Blog

Creating a Blog using Blogger

You need to have a Gmail account to use Blogger and both are free. If you don't have a Gmail account (O.o) go create one and come. Ok! Now let's get our hands dirty. We're going to create a simple blog using Blogger. You got to click on the hyperlink and go to Blogger now and keep this blog in one tab.

Once you have setup your Blogger account, it's time to create your very first blog. Wishing you all the very best in your blogging life now let's start. Start with clicking on the New Block button on the right side of the screen. That will open you the following screen. As you can see, there are many pre-made templates for you to begin with. Choose one now for the starter and don't worry you can change it anytime you want if you're not feeling good with the one you've just chose.

Step 1

It's time give a Title to your blog. And an Address. A little warning before you start, You can't change the Address once you've set one. URL [Universal Resource Locator] is unique for a web site or you can say a blog site. If you're in a mood to change the URL later, you can delete the blog and start a new one with the URL you want. In case you didn't notice you can't use an address which is being used. (You can't create a URL like because that name is in use. By me of course). Now give your blog a Title and an Address and select a sample Template as I've done in this following screenshot. If you're happy with the names, click Create blog! button in orange and see? They've an exclamation too!!!

Step 2

Now your blog has been created and if you type that URL you just created in the Step 1, you will see just a blog site. Now you can add anything you like to your blog. It could be images, videos or you can write your own autobiography and publish. Now let's make your first post just like we've created your very first blog. Right next to the Title, there is a orange color button. That is the Create New Post button. Click that button and proceed to the next step. You can add many posts you want. Blogger doesn't limit the number of posts a blogger can post.

Step 3

This is the workspace where you can create and edit all your posts. It is not a complex word processing workspace. But you can create a decent post using the tools given here. If you have a knowledge on html, you can go beyond. If you like to learn html you can visit W3School and go through those tutorials and I'm sure that'll help you to add more stuff to your post.

Step 4

Now that you know about the workspace, it's time we create a post. Try giving your post a proper name. You can edit the post name in future if you like. Now it's time to go on your own. Create as much as useful posts. Good luck...


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