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This is my very first blog. Learning and implementing about blogging and discovering it's trends, basically this blog will help anyone out with Mathematics, Python Programming Fundamentals at the university level.

Mathematics will cover Logic and Set Theory [Propositions, Quantifiers, Techniques of Proof, Sets, Relations, Functions], Real Analysis [Intervals, Supremum and Infemum, Completeness Axiom, Limit of a Function, Differentiability, Rolle’s Theorem, L’ Hospital’s Rule, Sequences, Convergence of Series: Ratio Test, Comparisons Test, Limit Comparison Test, Maclaurine’s Integral Test; Taylor’s Series, Integration of Continuous Functions, Definite and Indefinite Integrals], Complex Numbers, Vectors, and Matrices [Algebra of Complex Numbers, De Moriver’s Theorem, Argand Diagram, Vector Algebra, Scalar Triple Product, Vector Triple Product, Line and Plane, Matrix Algebra, Echelon Forms, Rank, Determinants, Eigen Values, Spectral Radius, Matrix Norms: Maximum Row Sum, Maximum Column Sum; System of Linear Equations, Existence of Solutions] and Basic Probability [Pigeon-Hall Principle, Permutations and Combinations, Conditional Probability, Baye’s Theorem, Integer Equations, Discrete and Continuous Random Variables, Probability and Cumulative Distribution functions, Joint Distribution Function, Integer Equations, Generating Functions for Experiments]

Python Programming will cover university assignments and Algorithms, Data Types, Control Structures and iteration, Modularity and functions, File handling, Structures and arrays, Efficiency and performance.


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